Pure Storage Video Series — Using the Pure Storage vSphere Plugin

Brandon Showers
2 min readAug 3, 2020


Pure Storage Quick Tutorials Video 2

This is video 2 in the video series.

All Pure Storage products run on top of our Purity Operating System. Purity has a very sleek and simple UI for managing your arrays.

However, if you are using vSphere to manage your VMWare ESXi environment, we have a VMWare certified plugin that will make the Virtual Server admin’s as well as the Storage Admin’s job even easier!

This video will demonstrate some of the primary capability’s built into the 4.3.1 HTML version of our plugin.

In the video, I will demonstrate the following:

  1. Installing the Pure Storage VMWare vSphere Plugin directly from your FlashArray.
  2. Adding your Arrays to vSphere
  3. Creating, Editing, and Deleting Volumes on the FlashArray directly from vSphere
  4. Viewing Capacity and Performance of Volumes from vSphere
  5. Viewing, Managing, and Using Array Snapshots from vSphere

Glossary of Terms

vSphere: VMware vSphere is VMware’s virtualization platform, which transforms data centers into aggregated computing infrastructures that include CPU, storage, and networking resources. vSphere manages these infrastructures as a unified operating environment, and provides you with the tools to administer the data centers that participate in that environment. More Info Here

vSphere Plugin: vCenter Server plug-ins extend the capabilities of vCenter Server by providing more features and functions.

Volume: A disk-like random access virtual storage device that a FlashArray system exports to hosts via a logical unit number (LUN). To a host, a FlashArray volume contains a number of 512-byte sectors in which data can be written and from which it can be read.

Array Snapshots: Snapshots are incremental data copies, which means that only the blocks on the device that have changed after your most recent snapshot are saved. This minimizes the time required to create the snapshot and saves on storage costs by not duplicating data.

More information can be found on the Pure Storage vSphere Plugin here.



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